What is is an online tool to create personalized Torah learning schedules, with daily reminders to keep you on track. You choose what you want to learn, how quickly and how often, and we handle the rest. If you have ever wanted to get more learning in your busy day, is the answer for you.

Why do I need to login?

When you create your customized learning schedule, we want to be able to send you daily reminders, as well as allow you to create multiple schedules, and edit and delete existing ones, so we need to know who you are.

Is my login secure?

Your login information is completely secure, and we don't even see or store passwords or your personal information.

Are you going to start posting to my wall if I login with Facebook?

Ugh! We don't like that any more than you do. All we do with your Facebook login is use it to associate all your learning schedules with you.

Are you going to send me spam or sell my email address to marketers?

No way! This project is for one goal, to help as many people maximize their time in Torah learning.

Is there some commitment required here, or a fee?

Nope! (Simple as that) Anytime you want to drop out of your learning program, simply delete your schedule and that's the last you will hear from us.